(734) 827-2770
5935 W. Ellsworth Rd
Ann Arbor, ​Michigan 48103

Monday - Friday mid-day dog walks

No reason to be worried about your doggie being board at home while you work

all day.  We can stop by for a potty break in the back yard or take your pups

for a nice walk to stretch their legs and have a little adventure.

Monday - Friday between 11am  - 2pm

No specific time can be given unless it is for training or medical reasons.

Billing arrangements can be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Rate for 20-30 min. mid-day walk $20.00

We accept payments by Cash, Check, PayPal or Credit Card

*We have many clients in the old West side neighborhoods as well as

Lake Forest, Stonebridge and Travis Point -- Maybe you've seen us!

Service Area

We provide services to the West side of Ann Arbor.  This service area generally covers Huron River Dr. to the North, Textile Rd. to the South, State St. to the East and a couple miles West of Zeeb rd.

*Please contact us if you are unsure if you are in our area.

Rate for 20-30 min visit
1hour visit
Holiday per visit surcharge

We accept payments by Cash, Check, PayPal or Credit Cards
50% deposit is required of new clients

*prices are subject to change

Vacation Pet Care

Our visits with your pets are scheduled for 30 min.

Early Morning visits are done between 6am - 8am

Mid-Morning visits are done between 8am - 10am

Mid-day visits are done between 11am - 1pm

Mid-Afternoon visits are done between 1pm - 3pm

Early evening visits are done between 4pm - 6pm

Later evening visits are done between 7pm - 10pm

Holiday hours can start earlier and run later due to higher number of visits to be done.

No specific times can be given unless it is for training or medical reasons.

Keep it Simple and Affordable

We strive to keep our rates affordable for our clients by operating as efficiently as possible. Obviously gas is a big expense for us so to keep costs down, we provide care to a smaller area of town.  Less driving, less time, less expense for us means a better rate for YOU and better for the environment too! We also want to encourage people to own more than 1 pet, there fore we do not charge a per pet rate but rather for our time spent caring for them. And we wont nickle and dime you with fee's for giving medications, walks, grooming or special feeding instructions.

During our visits we will provide loving care to your pets. Feeding, exercising, play time, brushing, medications, scooping/changing of litter. So you can have peace of mind knowing your pets are well cared for when you're away.
We will also bring the mail and paper, take out the garbage and recyclables, rotate lighting, open/close blinds and water plants for you at no extra charge. Giving your home the look that someone is there for security.

Service Area & Rates